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How often have you thought about a situation in your past and told yourself “I should’ve known better”? This is a very common line of thinking that we use to beat ourselves up and judge ourselves for past mistakes. It’s easy to tell ourselves we should know better, but it actually serves no purpose and […]

I Should’ve Known Better

January 22, 2023

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Earlier this week, I was watching a trashy reality TV show on Netflix. I will not tell you which one, but needless to say it involved real estate in Beverly Hills. In one scene, one of the lead women in her early 30s was describing to a friend how she had been dating the same […]

Having Difficult Conversations

December 4, 2022

How to have difficult conversations

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Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. Winston Churchill Where do you need to check your attitude? It’s very easy to get stuck in a spin cycle of negativity. Oftentimes, we complain about the circumstances in the world and in our lives like we are reporting the news. We’re right. We’re justified, […]

Check Your Attitude

November 16, 2022

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How can you get what you want? The answer has to do with how you manage your mind and what you are focused on. What you focus on, you will create more of. Think about that for a moment. What is one thing you want for your life these days? A new job? Relationship? Better […]

How to Get What You Want

November 6, 2022

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Have you ever told yourself that you should be further along than you are? It’s easy to think that. I used to do it to myself all the time. I should have a more senior position by now, or I should be earning more. Whatever it is. That line of thinking made me shameful, disappointed, […]

I Should Be Further Along By Now

October 30, 2022

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We experience fear as a warning. It’s a signal to stop and be careful. In terms of our physical safety, fear serves to keep us alive. At the same time, fear works against us if we want to try something new or up-level our lives. But, if we are going to lead lives we truly […]

Feeling Fear and Doing it Anyway

October 25, 2022

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Sometimes, the answer to ‘Where do I begin’, is Start Anywhere. The last few weeks, I’ve been at home in Canada (and a quick trip to Iceland) for a very fun visit with family and friends. It’s been a great time, capped off my last night at home with a Garth Brooks concert in Buffalo, […]

Where Do I Begin?

August 1, 2022

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Define Yourself. You have that power. You are not defined by what your parents think of you. You are not defined by what your husband/wife/partner thinks of you. You are not defined by what your children or boss thinks of you. You are not defined by what someone said to you. It’s not what you […]

Define Yourself

July 8, 2022

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Are you having fun and do you feel ease and alignment on a daily basis? Most people don’t. But having fun and creating ease is not something that happens by accident. It is something that we must consciously decide for ourselves and our lives, regardless of our external conditions. We Always Have a Choice Realising […]

Having Fun and Creating Ease

June 26, 2022

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Earlier this month, I started a podcast. The first two episodes were published first and then this past week, episode 3 was released. Coming up with the content and recording the episodes was a lot easier than actually releasing them into the public. It was worth taking the risk, but not easy. I suppose if […]

Taking the Risk: It’s Not Easy Putting Your Work Out There

June 19, 2022

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