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Define Yourself

July 8, 2022

Photo by Chelsi Peter from Pexels

Define Yourself. You have that power.

You are not defined by what your parents think of you.

You are not defined by what your husband/wife/partner thinks of you.

You are not defined by what your children or boss thinks of you.

You are not defined by what someone said to you.

It’s not what you say or what you do.

You get to choose.

In fact, you can consciously choose thoughts in order to define yourself and your life.

Your thoughts create your feelings.

Your feelings will drive your actions.

Your actions will create your results.

So, when you choose empowering, positive, loving thoughts to think about yourself and your life, this will what you will create for yourself.

You will show up as empowered, positive and loving.

Choose negative and disempowering thoughts to define yourself and guess what you’re going to create for yourself?

Your brain will offer you negative thoughts all day long, if you let it.

You can believe them if you want.

Or not.

You can hear those thoughts and say no thank you.

You can choose new thoughts that serve you and what you want to create in your life.

We’re Not Here for Easy

It’s not easy. We’re not here for easy.

We are here to make our good lives great.

We are here for growth and expansion.

And fun. A lot of joy and fun.

Decide how you want to define yourself and start practicing those thoughts.

Any time your brain starts with the negativity and worry and fear, steer it back to who you want to be and what you want to create.

Rinse and repeat.

All day. Every day.

It will become easier.

And it’s totally worth it.

What is your choice? Be intentional. Be creative and ambitious.

The world is your oyster. There are no limits.

Choose wisely.

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