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Trista Guertin Coaching

There is a happier, braver, more
fulfilled woman inside you
trying to get out, but you don't
know how to reach her.

If you're tired of feeling overwhelmed or lost about what comes next for you, I have tools and skills you need to manage your mind and your emotions. This knowledge is not something we are born with and it's not something we are taught in school. But when you are ready to learn them, this toolset and skillset can help feel better immediately. You'll get the clarity you need to move your life forward with purpose. You're stronger than you think, but if you're anything like me, you need some help to take your life to the next level.

You can create the  life of your dreams. You will thrive. Learn how to set big goals and go after them. Manage your mind and your emotions so that you start producing amazing results. Decide what is possible for your life and go after it. 

You want more, but maybe you don't know what that is and you don't know where to start. I can help you figure out what is you want and support you as you find your way to creating it. You don't need to struggle on your own to figure this out.  

Get Clarity

Learn the Tools and Skills You Need 

Create Amazing Results


I'm a Master Certified Coach and I work with a limited number of 1:1 clients who are serious about creating the life they truly want. No more playing small. If you're ready for a bigger, bolder life, I can help. 

My Coaching Philosophy
I believe in a holistic approach that focuses on your mind, body, and spirit. I value authenticity, empathy, and accountability, and I create a safe and supportive environment for my clients to grow and explore what it is they truly want for themselves.

My Journey

I discovered my love for life coaching after experiencing a transformation of my own. Through coaching, I was able to overcome obstacles, gain clarity on my purpose, and create a life that I truly love. This experience inspired me to become a coach myself and help others achieve the same level of success and fulfillment.

Coaching changed my life.
When I think back to the person that I was a few years ago, I don't even recognize her anymore. So much of my life changed in the past several years. Why? It sounds simple, but that doesn’t mean it was easy: I changed the way I think. I now ask myself "What do I want?", over and over. And, I ask, does this get me closer to the version of myself I want to be, or further away? 

When I discovered life coaching, it felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I learned that we are not supposed to be happy all of the time. I developed a better relationship with myself. I learned skills that helped me to manage my emotions so that I could begin to uplevel my life in ways I never imagined. I became calmer. My life was no longer an elusive quest for happiness, but I actively decided what I wanted and went after it.

I spent a lot of time unhappy and doubting my choices, but that doesn’t have to be your story. I can help take you to the next level - YOU 2.0.
Stop thinking about it and start living it.


You have exactly one life in which
to do everything you'll ever do. 
Act accordingly.
                                                   -Colin Wright

“From the food to the itinerary, the entire workshop was unforgettable.”

You're ready for a change. 
I can help.
I coach you 1:1
Each session is tailored to you & your life.

Overwhelmed by your emotions, feeling stuck and not entirely sure how you landed up here? I can help you get some perspective and help you figure out what it is you want.

Even better, I can help you achieve the results you want. It's time to turn your dreams into goals and go after them. 

Unfortunately, we aren't taught in school how to create our future and how to manage our mindset so that we can go after what we want. 

It's not hard, but everyone needs support. You don't have to do this on your own, and in fact, you'll achieve greater success working with a coach focused entirely on supporting you.

My 3-month 1:1 coaching package will have you back in the driver's seat of your life and feeling more capable than you ever have before.

Let's get started!

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1. Let's Talk - Schedule a free coaching session. 

2. Invest in Yourself and Get Coached - You're not broken, and don't need to be fixed, but you can learn how to make sense of your thoughts, feelings and actions to create amazing results.  I will help you get perspective on your life  and your mind. In my 3-month 1:1 coaching program, you will set a course towards clarity, courage and confidence. I'll teach you the tools and skills you need to get unstuck for good.

3. Start Your Transformation - Equipped with the best toolset and skillset, you will have a managed mindset to go from unfulfilled to unstoppable. You’ll have confidence in yourself and your decisions.

Your life is calling. Will you answer?

work with me 

Coaching changed my life and now get
to share these tools as a coach.

I've worked with women all over the
world, coaching on topics ranging from self-acceptance, relationships, business,
weight loss, overdrinking, money, time management, and more.  

For many years, I felt stuck in my personal life and struggled to make decisions and I used to internalize a lot of what was said to me, and this made me doubt myself as a person. Looking at things from a different perspective, not overthinking or overanalyzing things that I don't know to be true, and realizing that making assumptions, which were mostly false, only made my day feel heavier and harder. Additionally, the tapping exercise we did together has literally changed my life.


— nour

“Thank you, Trista, for transforming my perspective and unlocking my potential.”



Coaching helped me stop judging myself and start be kinder. I am now
able to establish healthier connections and communicate better with
colleagues, friends, family members and my partner. Most importantly,
I have a stronger bond with myself. 


— Hannah

“Trista helped me
look at my life from
a different perspective.”



 Trista listened to me and understood what I needed. She taught me how to
reframe my perspective
of where I was and where I can go, but
especially how the power of our thoughts
can reframe our entire reality.
I truly recommend coaching with Trista!

— andrea

“Coaching with Trista was truly an enriching experience.”



 Coaching with Trista has been a valuable experience for me. It helped me through one of the biggest periods of change in my life. It was a space for me to explore my feelings, my goals, and my outlook. This process gave me the skills to reframe life circumstances and view things in a different light. I have become more focused on my goals, dreams, and my own version of success. I have a new found positivity and understanding that I am in control. And I got this... 

— shelley

“I have become more focused
on my goals, dreams, and
my own version of success.”



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