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I Should Be Further Along By Now

October 30, 2022

Have you ever told yourself that you should be further along than you are?

It’s easy to think that. I used to do it to myself all the time. I should have a more senior position by now, or I should be earning more. Whatever it is.

That line of thinking made me shameful, disappointed, less than, and none of it was serving me.

It just made me feel worse. I focused on everything I hadn’t done or hadn’t become instead of reflecting on and appreciating where I currently was. I wasn’t appreciating who I had become.

If you are feeling that you should have done more by now or you should be further along, take some time this week to reflect where those shoulds are coming from. Who decides where you should be? Why? Is it serving you? Do you want to keep it?

Check in with yourself to see if you actually like the measuring stick you are using to determine “where you should be”.

If you don’t like it, and I have a feeling you won’t, you can change the way you think.

Reflect on where you are and how far you have come. Celebrate yourself.

I tell myself that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I know this to be true because I decide that it is. It generates a sense of calm certainty in me that allows me to keep going and to create exactly what I want for myself. Nothing has gone wrong. Try it for yourself.

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