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July 8, 2023

If you’re anything like me, you might have felt overwhelmed by the idea of finding your purpose. However, through my own experiences, I’ve come to understand that it’s not necessarily a grand adventure. It is, rather, a series of simple steps that can ultimately lead you to a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Here I’m going to share some practical exercises that have helped me find my purpose. I hope they inspire you just as much.

Imagine waking up each day, not just to get through a routine, but to make deliberate strides towards your life’s purpose.

This isn’t about just existing.

It’s about living a life of purpose, a life that inspires and fulfills you every day. It’s a chance to align your actions with your desires, to weave your passions into the fabric of your daily life.

Uncovering your life’s purpose is a transformative journey that has profound implications—enriching your personal life and empowering you professionally. This is more than a goal—it’s a compass for a fulfilled life.

Here are the key steps:

  •  Acknowledge that Discovering Your Purpose is Personal and Flexible.
  •  Engage in a Creative Exercise: List 25 Desires and Goals.
  •  Envision Your Future: Highlight Top Five Desired Outcomes.
  •  Understand Purpose Can Be Rooted in Personal Passions.
  •  Align Daily Actions with Chosen Purpose for Fulfillment.

Acknowledge that Discovering Your Purpose is Personal and Flexible

In life, there are countless roads one can take, and the same applies when finding one’s purpose. While often depicted as grand quests in media, it doesn’t have to be as elaborate. The journey can be refreshing and enlightening, allowing us to connect with our innermost desires and ambitions. The crucial part of this discovery is acknowledging that our purpose is intensely personal and flexible.

Each of us is unique, and what we identify as our purpose might differ vastly from others. Instead of being stagnantly rooted, our purpose may evolve as we gain life experiences, recalibrating according to our shifting value system and priorities.

Know that stumbling upon our life’s purpose need not be a Herculean task. Start with a list of 25 things you want to undertake. It could be simple errands, daily rituals, or even overarching aspirations. This is your opportunity not just to dream big but also to dream small, encapsulating a variety of possibilities.

Next, picture yourself at 95 years of age and think about what outcomes you would like to have achieved or created during your lifetime. This process empowers people to understand how to align their future to their current endeavors, thereby linking the present to the future and bridging the gap between dreams and reality in an imaginative way.

Coming to terms with the fact that your purpose is personal and flexible is crucial. It encourages introspection and eliminates outside interference that could distract from the quest for life’s true meaning.

When we define our purpose, it allows us to garner a clearer radius of movement, helps us feel contentment. It provides a bounce-back mechanism during hard times. Most importantly, allows us to live authentically every day.

Identifying and accepting that our purpose is essentially intimate and malleable makes it easier for us to embrace change and uncertainty, which life often throws our way. It also propels us to invest effort into things that drive joy, motivation, and personal fulfillment.

It is our desires and passions that can pave the way for us to discover this endeavor of a lifetime.

Engage in a Creative Exercise: List 25 Desires and Goals

There’s a certain magic that comes wrapped up in desire, in having goals for the future. It’s an electrifying sense of possibility that comes when we allow ourselves to dream big, to imagine a life filled with everything we want. It speaks to the human impulse to seek, to yearn, and to strive for something greater.

One idea on this mesmerizing journey of self-discovery is to engage in a novel creative exercise. It involves listing down 25 things that you yearn to do. It doesn’t matter whether they are simple pleasures or ambitious dreams. This step, seemingly straightforward in its approach, can have a profound impact on your perspective. It’s not just a tool for brainstorming or wish-list making. It is an invitation to open your mind to the realm of potentials and step into the thrilling pursuit of possibility.

It’s not just about putting a pen to paper; it’s about indulging in creativity and courage. My list is full of my own aspirations and passions. It includes writing a book, walking the Camino, learning to play the piano. I dream of growth, education, travel, learning, compassion towards animals, and aiding others through my coaching. My list is not a static document but a dynamic testimonial of my evolving desires and ambitions.

By outlining these longings, I intertwine my everyday actions with my overarching dreams. I create a fusion of purpose and passion that guides my journey.

And why, you might wonder, is this step essential?

For starters, it facilitates clarity. In a world full of distractions, this exercise helps crystallize your ambitions, giving them a tangible form.

Additionally, it acts as a marker for your journey, a roadmap that guides your steps. By laying down your dreams and desires, you’re beginning a dialogue with yourself, tuning into your own frequency amid the loud noise of the external world.

Furthermore, this step holds the power to inspire.

By daring to dream, by acknowledging your deepest desires, you awaken a fire within. This fire fuels your steps, your endeavors, driving you towards your goals with a tenacity that’s as resilient as it’s passionate.

In this light, the exercise of listing 25 desires and goals transcends the dimensions of an ordinary activity, emerging as a powerful tool for self-discovery and purpose-driven life navigation. It’s an extraordinary saga, one where you are the author, the protagonist, and the audience.

Envision Your Future: Highlight Your Top Five Desired Outcomes

We often grapple with the big question of defining our purpose- the why factor that gives us direction, fuels our passion, and shapes our choices.

Envisioning our future outcomes is a key step and a practical and accessible way to move ourselves forward. Not just any vague idea of the future, but a detailed, tangible description of the top five outcomes one desires. This can include diverse areas such as health, education, wealth, relationships, and travel.

What’s unique about this approach is its blend of simplicity and depth. It simplifies the process by breaking down the vast territory of ‘future’ into distinct, manageable areas while simultaneously nudging us to go beyond surface-level desires and touchbase with our deeper aspirations.

I am building a life around ongoing growth, learning, compassion towards animals, travel, and helping others. With this process, your envisioned outcomes will bear the unique stamp of your own desires and passions.

Instead of following a pre-charted path or societal expectations, this process allows us the freedom to bridge our present actions with a future that reflects our unique self.

These outcomes remain dynamic in nature. As we evolve, our priorities might shift and so can the envisioned outcomes. This erases the necessity to feel chained to a rigid definition of purpose.

Now, why should this step of envisioning future outcomes be of significance to us?

Imagine walking on a road with no destination in mind and walking on a road that leads to a place you look forward to. The difference in motivation, focus, and satisfaction between these two scenarios clues us in on the impact of having clear future outcomes.

By crystallizing the top five outcomes in key areas of life, we end up creating a roadmap that can guide our actions and decisions, thereby bridging the gap between our present and future self. This personalized roadmap not only simplifies the overwhelming task of defining a life purpose but also adds a layer of achievable tangibility to it.

This way, the journey towards our purpose transforms from a daunting vague concept into a fulfilling adventure. One that is uniquely designed by us for us.

Discovering your life’s purpose might seem like an intimidating journey, but hopefully, you’ve found in these simple steps that it doesn’t have to be.

The truth is, we all want to live a life full of meaning. These steps are designed to help you do just that. They allow you to personalize your purpose and align it with what truly matters to you.

Taking the time to identify your desires and goals, visualizing your future, and recognizing that your purpose can be fueled by your own passions, can lead to a fulfilling life.

So, don’t hesitate to take these steps and start living a life true to yourself, one day at a time.

Have you tried these tactics and strategies? Share your successes and challenges with me in the comments.

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