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When We Are Indecisive

April 3, 2022

Indecision can be paralysing. Especially when we are faced with “big” decisions such changing jobs, moving homes or cities, having a baby. But I’ve also seen many clients struggle with smaller, somewhat seemingly less important decisions. These can include enrolling in a new course or program, taking a trip etc. When we are indecisive, it stalls us out and makes us feel terrible.

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Each Decision is an Opportunity

Each decision will come with positives and negatives, according to our thoughts. If you were to ask several of your friends or colleagues, each person will have different reasons for choosing one thing over another. Everyone can see different angles and sides of each issue. Depending on her/his perspective, background, current situation, these will inform what they will choose to do.

Polling our family and acquaintances or continuing to conduct endless research, can stall us out from taking action. We keep ourselves from moving forward. It will only take an instant to actually make the decision. But all of us at some point have agonized over making a decision. We stress ourselves out, ruin our sleep and raise our levels of anxiety. It is exhausting. I know clients who have spent days, weeks, months, even years, putting off making a particular decision.

How not to be indecisive

Every decision we have to make will have some good point and some bad points. It will depend on how you look at it. But it something can have both good and bad points, then it can neither be good or bad. In fact, the decision itself and the resulting outcome is neutral. This will be true for every decision we have to make in our lives. We tend to think in black and white, but this is never the case in reality.

In reality, what you choose will not make a difference until you have thoughts about it.

When you make a choice and follow through, you will have the option to focus on the good points or the negative points. You always have a choice as to what you want to focus on.

So make your choice.

Decide that you will find the good in your decision.

Decide to have your own back.

Do what it takes to make that decision work.

Know that if you want to choose something else down the road, you can do that.

You’ve got this!

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