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Embrace Your Downtime and Invest in Yourself

October 4, 2021

I’ve found that living abroad as an expat has given me a great deal of “downtime”, where without my usual social circle and network of family and friends, I spend a significant amount of time alone.

I’ll admit that at first, this was quite an adjustment for me. All the usual feelings of isolation, loneliness, boredom came up. I felt life was passing me by and that I was wasting time.

Now, however, I love my time alone and the freedom I have to choose which activities I will pursue and enjoy. I find myself embracing a schedule of running, reading, journaling and meditation, coaching and watching a few shows of Netflix, like Ted Lasso. (I love Ted Lasso!)

What changed for me? The idea of investing in myself. Previously, I watched a lot of TV. Like a lot. My whole life. Hours and hours. Then I heard the concept of investing in myself and why it was so important. The idea that our brain is our most valuable tool.

Your Brain is Your Most Valuable Tool

Basically, there is nothing in the world that compares to the power and ability of the human brain. It is amazing and most of us do not use it nearly well enough! Once I started thinking this way, I knew I wanted to seize the opportunity I’ve been given and start using my free time wisely to improve my mind and my life. I realised that all the extra free time I enjoy with this expat lifestyle is a gift that I can use as I wish.

Now, instead of watching Netflix, I started choosing books that taught me something. I started learning more about coaching and getting coached myself. I took activities that improved my physical and emotional health, such as running, yoga and meditation, I journal every day. Setting goals for myself for this year, next year and the next five years is a priority. I review them and write them out daily. It gives my brain focus and keeps it actively working on ways to achieve them.

Investing in Yourself Wisely

Choose how you want to spend your time wisely. It doesn’t mean that you can’t relax and enjoy activities solely for their entertainment value, those are important too for you to rest and recharge. But, I am offering that most of us do not consciously decide how to challenge and improve ourselves. It takes dedicated time and effort for sure. But it’s completely worth it if you want to uplevel your life and become the next version of yourself.

If you’re not sure where to start or want help talking through your ideas and how to achieve them, I can help. Coaching is an amazing opportunity to spend time working on yourself and your life.

Let’s set up a complimentary discovery call and get you started on your way to amazing results.

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