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Being Uncomfortable on Purpose

June 13, 2021

As human beings, we are programmed to avoid discomfort. Our brains want to keep us safe. Our brains think that we are better off doing what we have always done, instead of trying something new, exerting energy or taking risks. This is its job and this is why we have evolved to a certain extent.

However, we also know that if we didn’t take those risks and push ourselves, we’d all still be living in a cave, sitting around a fire and living until maybe we were 22 years old.

Today, compared to our cave days, we are much safer than we have ever been. For many of us, our days no longer revolve around finding shelter, keeping warm, finding food and water. Yet in many ways, the primitive portion of our brains still wants to avoid pain and discomfort and to keep us safe. It will try and convince us to expend little energy and to stick with what we know is safe and easy.

Lucky for us, we also have our prefrontal cortex, the rational part of our brain which has evolved to let us think about what we are thinking about, to plan ahead and to ultimately override our primitive brain. This is great news because this is how we have evolved as a species and this is how we take our lives and make them amazing.

So, how do we do that?

Discomfort on purpose.

Literally you will feel uncomfortable and have to do whatever it is you want to do anyway.
This is the currency you will need to make your dreams come true.

The good news is that the discomfort will be short-term as compared to the long-term discomfort you will feel if you don’t pursue growth and don’t go after your dreams.

Achieving your dreams and growth involves Massive Action, which basically just means you keep taking action until you achieve your result.

You keep going. No. Matter. What.

That’s it. Keep going. Your brain will feed you doubts.

You will feel fear, confusion, and self-pity. You can learn how to override these and manage your mind to create results.

Anything is possible.

You have to decide what you want to be possible for your life and go after it.

Choose discomfort now in order to have the progression and results you want for your life later.

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